by Christina Carlowe

Using art as my vehicle, I am driven to challenge the norm and shed light on knowledge and truth

To be continued: The dreaming is real

On Wednesday 23rd April, our friend and Original guide Auntie Beve passed away at age 79. Auntie Beve was like family to many of us. Her beautiful smile, sharp tongue and comforting presence is already dearly missed. But beyond the emotional loss of our wise and caring friend, the effect of her passing is as significant as her life was full.

Auntie Beve was the last fully initiated woman Elder of the Darkinoong tribe, and bore the scars to prove it. Sadly, her passing marks the ceremonial end of her ancient tribal ancestry. The culture that thrived in this land for so many thousands of years has passed with her, leaving no living female initiates of the Darkinoong blood line.

But Auntie Beve certainly left a legacy. Deeply connected to the Old Ways of the Original people, she was also known by her tribal name ‘Goolabeen’, meaning “wise woman who collects knowledge and passes it on”. She was a story teller and a true teacher, who taught us traditional stories, the Dreaming, bush medicine, and tribal lore. Most importantly, she reminded us to always – always – fight for what is right, and to never let superficial differences get in the way of the big picture.


NASA : Failure is NOT an option! An impossible heist?

NASA – Is it totally incomprehensible in 2016 that an American scientific government department could have lied to all of us? Is a mass deception, or dare I say a conspiracy even possible achievement?

Ok, so there’s a lot of talk on the www regarding NASA with accusations the now shrinking US Cornerstone of space exploration and science has in fact from its very inception been treating us eager bright eyed and curious science geeks rather poorly and downright inhumanly. Rather in fact, much like a common vegetarian food staple or even one of those unsightly good for nothing mushrooms that rear their ugly heads usually sighted off to the side of a overgrown grassy knowle. Yes, NASA has been accused by a growing number of ‘flat earthers’ and often ‘anti-gravity’ proponents, (some highly religious) of keeping us, the public, approximately 7 million sentient human beings in the complete dark about the truth of their discoveries. In fact NASA has been accused of not only keeping us in the dark but feeding us SHIT! Huge amounts too, more than the sewage plants of the world could even digest. SHIT so big, it would change everything! Raising massive questions about who we believe ourselves to be, what the world is, more  of God and a creator, raising questions about evoulution and the posibility of a devine creator. The truth that has been hidden would goes hand in hand with the suppression of history, causes and cures from modern day diseases and truth and even knowledge that our solar system is in fact vastly different from what we have been presented, taught is some sort of experiment and even a food source for a either a race of powerful aliens beings or fallen angel types  Keeping us in the dark and feeding us shit.

Well, I’d say that’s highly accurate if one even dares to scratch the surface of that aging, festering pimple of a cover story they called NASA. A little background into my evolving personal take on Nasa. As a god fearing youth in the early 1990s, I enjoyed a much anticipated bi-yearly US$25 check complete with encrusted logo on the top left hand corner of the crisp and official IOU. And yes, it was all made possible by the old boys down at the the fine institution of a highly reputable establishment that was NASA.

What, on the payroll? A Child receving checks. No I wasn’t a migrant child labourer cleaning the lavatories for a pitence and nor was I selling the fine wares at the one stop NASA souvenir gift shop! Why years later upon a visit to the famous Cape Canavril locale, my favourite part of NASA just so happened to be that little gifty store. Yes, complete with the overpriced and official astronaut upside downy writing pens. I was drawn to more the staple items this one of a kind gift shop had on offer. The glossy prints, and educational kids picture books were a must for all science and NASA loving tourists and their offspring.

Thanks to the dedication, ingenuity and goddam genius of the whole NASA crew of scientists, astronauts and hubble telescope conveners, I was living in a generation lucky enough to be one of the bountiful recipients of something completely and utterly priceless. Yes, beautiful, beautiful knowledge. So of course again, thanks to NASA, the pioneers of this scientific knowledge, brought forth that which had persistently eluded us as a collective human species for eons, was now suddenly here! Yes, the newly acquired knowledge and dazzlingly mesmerizing images of our solar system, planets, our very own humble star and of course that little, fragile looking little blue gem we call home was now made available to the general public. NASAs discoveries of our planets, their measurements, coordinates and of course many unknown facts became a part of our school educational system and numerous documentaries have been made for educational purposes which helped educate those who missed out on NASAs fine facts at a young and influential age.

The space exploration era tasked to NASA and its subsequent fascinating discoveries made us realise just how small and insignificant we are on the grand scale of things. Isn’t it funny that just a few short centuries ago, everyone believed our fine globe was nothing but a pancake. Foolishly really, when you take into account the mindset of all the primitive and indigenous cultures believed that all the stars revolved around our little planet.  I I guess it’s just part of human nature to be so egotistical so as to think we are the centre of the galaxy.  Knowledge of the universe and its hard to fathom size and distance was challenging for many old school bible bashers who were forced to swallow their pride on account of science. The theory of evolution is of course compatible with NASAs discoveries. (God and Jesus, well I might talk about the all mighty creator and his his gift to mankind in human form just a little bit later).


Well, well it seems I have digressed substantially regarding my initial

No how could I be.. for I was but a was but a wee Aussies lass, patiently and eagerly awaiting my birthday gift kids have come to know and treasure, the gift of cold hard cash.   This was made possible by my American nan and her valued employment at the fine old establishment and of course her unchallenged, impeccable memory of my birthday. I loved getting the NASA checks and cards in the snail mail. Equally I enjoyed presenting these to the local backing cashiers who were somewhat dazzled by my somewhat distance association with NASA, those bloody genius who sent those strapping young astronaut lads to the dam moon. NASA, redefined all manner of impossible dreams into a whole new, hi tech achievable reality. By golly we choose to go to the moon, not because its easy, NO dammit but because its so dam hard. My 3rd fave president JFK (even his initials sounded cool to me) and this famous speech (heard a few decades after the fact) made me proud to be a descendant of a American immigrant from all over, who had and were still living the good old American dream. And they had MTV, all the hot black basketballers and don’t forget the fine tunes that kept coming form good old Michael Jackson.  no mater how rocky those obstacles.  and  and was a proud receipt at the local back of a healthy US petro dollar in full swing throughout the 90s were I  I proudly guided my tiny science loving tot around the store and made my purchase of a printed T shirt in mini size with the proud statement in bold text across the front, “Failure is not an option”


If I can stop gushing about science and NASA.    was a most welcomed gift to the curious minds of the US citizens and countless other countries was bonafide science, new technology, good old American ingenuity with its undying determination that now heralded in a new era. A dawing on a new age of scientific space exploration had begun with NASA its solid backbone.    , galaxies knowledge was real concrete evidence, Yes the clear, beautiful, dazzling images of our very own solar system and of course all backed up by the establishment of science. That most solid, peer reviewed, tried tested and repeated thing of beauty that is science.   at last. And we had really just begun to learn   elooding and  truth, truth and  of the nature of our reality. Of our solar system, limitless galaxies ever expanding forth in the galactic plane, our medium sized star planet, moon, .


revealing in all its splendid, full and fine coloured beauty our  reproduced in full and fine colour hue the brilliant and beautiful and oh so fucking huge and ever expanding outward galaxy and  all things those massive telescope and roving satellites could capture in full hires brilliance was all the Buzz.

I proudly guided my tiny science loving tot around the store and made my purchase of a printed T shirt in mini size with the proud statement in bold text across the front, “Failure is not an option”

Angel Numbers = Messages from GOD?

Source: Angel Numbers = Messages from GOD?

Truthology Conference 2015

So the Truthology conferences are on again this October on the 23,24,25! Very excited as their are 25 amazing speakers presenting at this event. Their will be delicious organic food and entertainment in the evenings. The conference will be held at in Cavanbah Centre, Byron Bay. Tickets are a very reasonable starting at $85 per day. Its you last chance to get early bird tickets for only $149 for all 3 days! That’s an absolute bargain. All proceeds go to a very special charity ‘Free to Shine’. More info, feel free to private MSG me, comment and please check out the speakers on the website

2nd Gallery walk and TPP Presentation

I’m part of a small group that gets together monthly to discuss ideas, problems and solutions.I organised to speak about the TPP and get feedback on my work thus far. The presentation went really well. The content was received by curious and concerned thinkers who appreciate the importance and relevance of the topic.

I received some helpful feedback on the type of thing my curious lamb mascot can be discussing. “You don’t TPP me” is one suggestion I think I will use. In addition to the feedback, I also garnered support and access to distribution networks of the attendees when the publication is ready to go live.



In order to deliver campaign deliverable’s that will be effectively distributed by the average person, I have changed my mind more then once. My main deliverable s are an E Pub (where I am able to embed videos!) and a PDF printable version.

For the printable version, I have moved away from my original thoughts of a large square to a smaller square that can be printed on a standard home printer. I am working with an A4 page size. All pages have a layout with a DL size double sided flyer, which are designed to be trimmed off at the bottom, effectively making the booklet a small square. They are intended to be distributed by the printer of the booklet to their friends and family. There are 5 varieties of these DL flyers to cover the 5 different leaked chapters of the TPP. They each target the group of people who will be most interested in how that particular chapter will impact their lives. For example the IP (Intellectual Property) chapter will be of particular interest to internet users and those who torrent or download content. The campaign will encourage the reader to take action by printing, sharing via social media sites or physical distribution of the flyer.

I believe this simple layout will prove successful in aiding the distribution of this most important information as in order to print a booklet, one must also print the 2 (3) photo 1 (3)

My Design Process

My design process process often begins with looking at the work of others. I like to create a mood-board, sample colors in deign programs and sketching out ideas with a pencil and paper. I find pinterest a very useful resource and use it to collate images I’m drawn to.

I think a lot. I’ve been told I over think and analyse a lot of things and my design thought process is no different. I’m working on not being so judgmental of myself and my work, or lack of work at times.

As i’m particularly passionate about my project topic, the TPP, I have high expectations for the way it is received when I undergo full blown marketing of the material. I’m finding myself in the head space of this or future events, when I need to focus my energies on the job at hand.

I have enlisted many helpers around me and it seems, I am meeting people daily who are assisting me with different challenges that arise in both my personal life and my project. For this I am eternally grateful!

I have three main collaborators who I feel I motivate to be passionate about the project and the possibilities that come along with it being a successful campaign. I enjoy this interaction, especially around discussion and work on the content.

I’m an ideas person and I usually have multiple notebooks being filled up simultaneously. This can get messy with so many ideas coming to mind. My process can seen a little mad at times but things seem to be coming together as I chip away at the project.

ISDS – Investor State Dispute Settlement

The most controversial and certainly the most pernicious aspect of the TPP and other Free Trade Agreements, would have to be the ISDS – the Investor State Dispute Settlement clauses. Simply speaking, the ISDS is a sweet, behind-closed-doors deal for the 1% at the expense of every day people and their interests, the environment, and democracy itself. It’s a supranational avenue for massive corporations to challenge democratically-enacted policies.

Theoretically, the primary purpose of the ISDS as enshrined in the Investment Chapters of trade agreements like the TPP is to attract investors to signatory nations by giving them special privileges and rights. It’s a way of buoying up investor confidence with the assurance that they’ll receive good returns on their investments regardless of unpredictable circumstances that may arise in the future. It sounds reasonable enough; it sounds like it’s designed to promote economic stability and prosperity for all concerned – greater investment means more jobs, new products and services, more wealth all round. But in reality, these ISDS clauses have the potential to create havoc within signatory nations. They have the potential to make all levels of governments unwilling and even unable to legislate in the public interest, to respond to democratically driven changes in policy. They can have what is described as a ‘chilling effect’ on government power in a way that compromises its ability to protect the well being of its citizens, national resources and the environment. The ISDS gives investors the power to sue governments not just for loss of profit, but also for anticipated loss of profit if government actions impinge on the investing corporation’s money making opportunities, regardless of the reasons.

For example, if a nation legislates to move away from nuclear power in favour of safer, more environmentally stable power sources, under the ISDS provisions they can be sued. If a nation legislates for plain packaging on tobacco products, they can be sued. If a government raises the basic wage, they can be sued. If a country’s Supreme Court denies permission to mining companies due to concerns of water contamination, they can be sued. If a country puts a moratorium on fracking, it can be sued.

How do we know this? Because it’s already happened and is still happening in other Free Trade Agreements like NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), those agreed to under the WTO (World Trade Organisation), and other Free Trade treaties. In fact, even without the monster-sized TPP and it’s sister Treaties TTIP and TiSA (which are still in the negotiation stages), nations of the world today are already covered by an expanding web of over three thousand bilateral and multinational trade and investment treaties. And as a consequence of ISDS in these treaties, the number of cases where corporations have sued governments has increased from 26 in 1990, to more than 400 in 2012. And these are only the cases we know of, heard in the ICSID (the World Bank’s International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes). Most other arbitration forums don’t maintain a public registry of claims, so the actual number is likely to be considerably higher.

An example of this ISDS in action can be seen in El Salvador, where rural communities were concerned about the contamination of their local rivers and water supplies with chemicals such as arsenic by a Canadian gold mining enterprise (Pacific Rim). Organising against great odds and in face of clear danger (three activists were murdered), the communities of Las Cabanas successfully pressured the Salvadoran national government to refuse the necessary permits for the mine. For all concerned this was considered a huge step forward for sustainable water management in the country, preserving the country’s water for future generations and putting the right to water before the profit making interests of a mining corporation. In retaliation however, Pacific Rim charged that the government’s refusal to grant the permit was a violation of its right to “fair and equitable treatment” and is now suing the Salvadoran people for $315 million in the World Bank’s trade court, ICSID. The corporation is demanding compensation for profits that it will no longer earn. Regardless of whether the government wins the case or not, Salvador is spending millions of dollars defending itself, money that could otherwise have gone on teachers and doctors in a country where 42.5% of the population lives below the poverty line. If the tribunal rules in favour of the corporation as they did in 70% of rulings in 2012, the money diverted from the public treasury can easily amount to tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, which in this case would go to an Australian mining corporation (in 2013 Pacific Rim was bought by an Australian company called Oceana Gold), and a few wealthy corporate lawyers. Meanwhile, El Salvador has spent $6 million arguing its case in arbitration proceedings, and is on the hook for $301 million – nearly 2% of the country’s GDP if it loses. The decision about this case is expected to made sometime late this year, 2015.

By Shiralee Haze,

Poet  Author  Researcher &

Little Birdy collaborator

Transcript of WikiLeaks short you tube doco offering 100,000 Euros for copies of TTIP July 2015

Europe’s most wanted secret – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. This is something enormous. It is about a final control. And it’s the US saying, ‘there may be another power in the world, but we will be the ultimate power’.

The TTIP is the most important thing that’s happening in Europe right now. It’s a secretive deal being negotiated between Europe and the United States.

Once signed, it will cement the key parts of the US governments plan to create a new global bloc that will insure the dominance of its largest companies. After the Second World War, the US accounted for half of the world’s economy. Its influence was unmatched by any country and it was able to write the early rules of international trade to its advantage. The World Trade Organisation was created in this context, and the US created rules that favoured American business.

But as economies like China and India joined the WTO, it became a more democratised arena and the US found it harder to control its decision making. At the WTO in the Dohar rounds, India spoke up and Brazil spoke up, and the US lost control. The US felt it needed a new strategy to maintain its global dominance, so in classical American style, they went big. To bypass the WTO they’re creating the biggest international agreements that the world has ever seen. They’re called the Three Big Ts – the TPP, the TiSA, and the TTIP and they’re all being negotiated in secret right now.

We only found out when WikiLeaks was able to leak parts of them. What’s interesting is when you look across all of these deals whether it be TiSA, TPP, or TTIP, China is excluded but also Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa – they’re all excluded, because those are the emerging economies.

What often is not understood is that these agreements are part of a geo-political war. This is a new war which is taking place between the United States and China. The US is very scared of the rise of China so it has moved to militarily encircle it through what is called the ‘Pivot to Asia’ and now it’s moving on to doing that economically.

The basic idea that comes across from reading US Strategy Papers is the construction of a new grand enclosure, and to put inside this grand enclosure the US, 51 other countries, 1.6 billion people and 2/3 of global GDP. To integrate Latin America away from Brazil and towards the United States. To integrate South East Asia away from China and towards the United States. And to integrate Western Europe, pulling it away from Eurasia as a whole and towards the Atlantic.

Of the Three Big Ts, WikiLeaks has revealed 4 chapters of the TPP which affects 12 countries in the Americas and South East Asia. We also obtained and released the core text of TiSA which affects 52 countries, including the EU. But nearly all of TTIP is still secret. When signed, the TTIP will cover half of global GDP and will affect every European member state. Yet EU Parliamentarians have serious restrictions in accessing the proposed agreement.

We don’t have access to the key documents, the most important ones because the devil is in the detail. When it comes to trade agreements you need to know exactly what is in the text, so that you can assess what the impact’s going to be.

If EU Parliamentarians want to see the TTIP, the have to call the US Embassy and make an appointment. Appointments are only available 2 days a week for 2 hour time slots. Only 2 PMs are permitted at once. They go to the US Embassy, they have to hand in every electronic device so they cannot possibly make a copy. They must agree to keep everything confidential and then they’re led to a secure reading room where 2 US embassy guards watch everything that they do. How can EU PMs possibly understand what they’re negotiating for Europe under these circumstances?

The worlds biggest corporations don’t have the same problem. They have been receiving VIP access from day one. And have had abundant influence in negotiations.

People, the likes of you and I, are excluded. Governments to a great extent are excluded. Those who are included are the multinational corporations.

These agreements are basically corporate ownership agreements. The funny thing about Free Trade Agreements, as we understand them, is they often have nothing to do with trade in the sense of the mutual lowering of tariffs. What they’re about is enshrining an Investor Rights regime in the respective countries and ensuring the corporations can run wild in the respective economies with very little regulation or impingement by government or authorities.

These treaties will have huge, huge implications for literally almost every critical issue an individual citizen or community would care about. Health, education, the environment, privacy, access to medicines, the list could go on.

One of the most criticised aspects of TTIP is a system called the Investor State Dispute Settlement or ISDS. It’s a secretive international tribunal that allows companies to sue States over virtually anything that they can claim affects their investment. If a protest affects their profits, they can sue. If laws affect their profits,

they can sue. If new regulations might impact where or what they want to do with their money, they can sue.

This is a new power which will be handed over to US corporations to sue the governments of Europe in a parallel judicial system which is available to them alone. So people have no access to it. Domestic firms have no access to it. Governments have no access to it. It’s just the foreign investors, in this case, US corporations. Based on ISDS history, critics argue that European State Sovereignty and democracy are at serious risk. Previous law suits include Swedish company Battenval suing the German state for 3.7 b dollars for phasing out nuclear energy. British American Tobacco (Philip Morris Asia) sued the Australian government for passing low limiting cigarette advertising. The French company Violia sued Egypt for raising the minimum wage.

TTIP advocates say that in order for the EU and US to become a single market, regulatory barriers need to be eliminated. This way for example, a US seatbelt manufacturer already selling seat belts domestically, wouldn’t need to test for safety a second time as the EU would agree to recognise the US safety standards. They argue this would save costs and lower prices for consumers. But just how safe are US standards?

In the USA 70% of all processed foods sold in supermarkets contain genetically modified ingredients. Whereas in the European Union we’ve said quite clearly we don’t want GM ingredients in our food chain. Similarly, in the US, 90% of all beef is produced using growth hormones which have been found to be carcinogenic in humans. So they’re banned in the EU. And what the US is saying is that under TTIP, under the free trade rules that they want to bring in, European consumers don’t get the right to choose.

TTIP includes all the most important public sectors in Europe including education, railways, water, postal services and most controversially, it also includes public health services.

What is so scary about this is that corporations want to lock in their power. So they not only want increased power but they want to make it impossible for sovereign governments to reverse the changes which are going to give them power. So for example with TTIP, if it passes with ISDS in it, the privatisation of the NHS which is happening in the UK can never be reversed.

What is democratic about an enormous imposition of power on countries whose citizens have no way of knowing what’s going on, of debating it, or influencing their government in its decision? That’s anti-democratic.

The history of these agreements shows that they’re very difficult to change unless people can see what’s in them. And that’s why they’re kept secret. Because when the contents are revealed, it generates an opposition.

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